Steak & Potatoes – Healthy Style

Taken directly from the America Diabetes Association – this was a great meal for my family of four.  Grilled filet steaks, topped with mushrooms and baked sweet potatoes.  I added a salad.

4 steak filets (don’t season)

8 oz. mushrooms (washed, sliced)

2 sweet potatoes (wash, don’t peel)

few slices of butter

pinch of salt & pepper

Inside oven, turn to 350 & bake for 1 hour

When you have 1/2 hour left, warm up outside grill to 350, toss on for 2 minutes – flip and leave for 24 minutes.

In a saucepan, melt butter & sautee mushrooms – sprinkle with salt & pepper

Take meat off grill and use carving knife to slice super thin; I added a small tossed salad on the side (greens, tomatoes & celery with italian dressing).  Easy, and super savory, low cal.

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