Bon Voyage to the Bon Viv & Happy New Year from My Simple Table…

I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate…said Julia Child, my most favorite chef, ever.

I’ve been down and out with a cold since the holidays, so I kinda don’t consider it the new year, not yet. I’m still working my way through one of my 2016 lists: Conquering Coq au Vin, make pie dough without the ingredient list and fitting back into my tennis skirts by Spring.  I’m zero for 3 on that piece of paper right now.  Never to back away from a challenge, I have decided to add #4 to the list: taking this blog thing to the next level.  A girl can dream, right?  And then I’ll peel to the next sheet of paper and start a different list.  Resolutions.  Things to do.  Places to go.  Goals for 2017.  Bad habits to break.  Bucket list in life.  But back to #4.

I spent the holidays churning through family recipes and visiting with friends and family and the topic kept coming up, Uh, what does the blog name, The Bon Vivier mean?  For those of you new to this blog, my old blog was The Bon Vivier (lover of wine, food & parties), and the blog before that was The Adventures of Sally Hogan (my imaginary friend as a child). Who is the Bon Vivier?  Why isn’t your name on it?  Why the French?  I don’t understand.  Explain.  When did you become a foodie?  Wait, I thought you were in sales?  Why don’t you try to monetize this?  How does this work?  Why are you doing this?  I love the recipe but I’m not sure I can do it.  Why isn’t there a link from Instagram to the blog?  Where are the videos?  Can you have someone video you?  When are you going to Food Network?  PS – what’s for dinner?!

All ages, all questions.  All relevant and reasonable.  Time to just buckle down and do this.  I’m not a foodie.  That’s a tireless, non-stop fully committed job.  I’m committed, but in a different way. I’m a mom first; I have a full time job, and when I can, I love to cook and entertain. But I need to be clear – – I need things to be simple.  Super simple.  So simple a Sally could do it.  And while I originally thought my title was clever and clear, nobody could ever pronounce it. So I scribbled some notes and diagrammed a few things out and spent some time polling friends and googling synonyms.  Cooking.  Simple.  Table.  Cooking for a simple table.  Setting a table.  Keeping it simple.  Keeping your table simple. The Food Table.  My table of food.  A simple table.  Simple tables. Wait, that’s it: MY SIMPLE TABLE. Funny how we try to over think what we are trying to say.  Just say what you mean and mean what you say.

If I can get a recipe down, I’m in.  I’ll do variations of it.  Adding this and that.  And while I’m not necessary creative, I am resourceful – I can make due with what’s around.  It’s not gourmet, it’s just really really good.  Cooking basics, organizing a menu, setting a table and making it meaningful. Anyone can do it, you just have to embrace the K.I.S.S strategy:  Keep it Simple, Stupid. No, I didn’t coin that phrase. But it makes sense, right?

What I lack in proper cooking techniques and education, I make up for in dolling up a table.  Just go for it. Add the sterling silver you have been storing for years, pickup some colorful napkins at Ikea or Target, fill up your crystal wine glasses with water and break out your china, what are you saving it for anyways?  I recently heard Ina, Ms. Garten say, always use white platters; putting potatoes over top of a printed platter you focus on the platter, not on how scrumptious the potatoes are.  I knew I liked white for a reason all these years, I just couldn’t articulate it!

My Simple Table blog is a place to share old, new, reinvented, simplified, deconstructed recipes and ideas with you.  Bear with me while I add recipes & attempt to take videos – and cheers to the new year!

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