Gal-entine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is coming up, why not throw a little something sweet for your best girlfriends?  You don’t need to do a sit down – keep it light and fun.

Set a date and time, and have everyone bring a sweet treat, you provide the venue and libations: Rose, Champagne, White and Red.  And maybe some jello shots.  Stop into Trader Joe’s and pickup their spray roses.  Get some clearance nail polishes at Walmart or the Dollar Store and wrap them in a plastic bag with a note for each guest on why you adore them.  Call your local grocery store or Party City and pickup balloons (just order enough for your party).  Light some candles, pull all your furniture into one room to make it cozy, have everyone dress in pink, white or red and if they don’t, they have to sing their favorite love song out loud.  Ha!  That’ll teach them.  When it’s time to go, everyone gets a treat: balloon, rose, nail polish & note – remember – not everyone has a special someone, or even a someone who makes a special effort for them.  It’s easy and simple – DONE.


2 thoughts on “Gal-entine’s Day 2017

  1. I love the idea of Galentine’s! I may have to copy that idea! Good work on your blog– I know it takes an incredible amount of work but to do something creatively regularly is so rewarding. Keep up the great work!


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