French Toast

This could not be easier; you probably already have all the ingredients on hand, so no list needed.  A staple in my household, serve with a side of fruit and bacon, the kids gobble this one up every time!


Eggs – 3
Milk – 3 tablespoons
Vanilla – 1 tablespoon
Bread (any bread you have will do)
Maple Syrup
Confectioners Sugar

Heat up your griddle or a frying pan; medium heat works just fine.

Whisk up eggs in a bowl, add milk & vanilla.  Take a piece of bread, one at a time, and dip front & back in egg mixture.

Toss on griddle and just brown on each side – like you would a grilled cheese.  I’d say low/med heat for 3-4 minutes each side, because you want it to be firm/well done/toasty; remove from heat, spread a light bit of butter, dress with syrup & sprinkle some confectioners and DONE.


2 thoughts on “French Toast

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  2. Georgia – We sometimes add a bit of coconut to make it Hawaiian style from my mother in law. Love the recipes. Keep them coming!


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