I know, I know – midweek – this sounds like work.  But honestly, this takes 10 minutes to make and will last you all week.  Take this to work for lunch or serve for dinner, 4 basic ingredients does the trick!


1 orange pepper – sliced & grilled
1 cucumber – peeled & chopped
4 small tomatoes – chopped
1/2 red onion – chopped
1 cup water
lemon juice (liquid or fresh – 2 tablespoons)
salt & pepper
olive oil

Slice up your peppers length wise, chop up your onions – grill for maybe 3 minutes; add salt & pepper, olive oil and mix (I pulled out my George Forman grill for this one – but you can use your grill feature on your stove, or quickly saute some in a saucepan).  Pour into the blender/food processor, add your chopped tomatoes & cucumber, water, lemon juice and blend/puree.  When it’s good and chunky, top off with some olive oil, squeeze the rest of your lemon wedge (or if you use liquid, pour a bit more in), salt & pepper and DONE.  You can serve this immediately if you like – but – I prefer my Gazpacho chilled, so I pop in the fridge for a few hours or even overnight.

When I’m ready to serve, I ladle a small portion (remember, this is acidic) into a bowl and garnish with 2 cooked shrimp, a few taps of Tabasco and chopped fresh Cilantro.  I personally love this with a grilled/melted triangle sandwich – like mozzarella, prosciutto & basil on whole wheat.

**Other toppings could be radishes, cucumber, avocado or sour cream – whatever you like!