…another hit in the house.  My family asks for this over & over again.  It’s no frills and it’s not new, it’s just taking cake mix, adding in chocolate chips and baking in a bundt pan. Lighter than your average muffin, and not a lot of work like having to frost a cake.  Just bake and slice.  Tuck in a piece for your kids’ lunchbox, take to work, serve after dinner or sneak with a glass of milk just because…

If you don’t have a bundt cake pan – get one.  For aesthetic alone.  Literally, I bought a yellow cake mix (follow the directions), added chocolate chips (drop into the mix after you have poured your mix in), bake & remove.

**I am not really a brand snob with yellow cake mix & chips; I usually just pick out something that’s on sale.  Spray your bundt cake with cooking spray and if you feel better, a little flour.  The key is to not let it set in the pan too long, it should just fall right out.

Sometimes I sprinkle this with confectioners’ sugar, and sometimes I don’t.  DONE!


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