Woke up today to sunshine and a new month (ok, yesterday was the new month but you get the jist).  Seems as though I am always re-starting a diet, but at the beginning of a month, always a good idea.  Plus, it looks pretty, has bright colors and will fill you up!  Enjoy your breakfast, but also get some benefits in, without it being a whole big process.  This took me under 10 minutes to make…and yum.


Grapefruits are really, really tart, but super good for you.  They help the heart and blood pressure, they fill you up, keep you full and some believe, you lose weight (uh, need I say more).  I cut this in half, saved one for tomorrow.  The trick is, you need to take a serrated knife and just plunge into the seam of each triangle, outlining it; then take a spoon and dig in.  When I’m done I squeeze the excess into a cup and drink, pulp and all.

Boiled eggs are high in protein and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.  I buy pre-boiled eggs at the grocery, easy enough – or you can boil your own (20 minutes on boil and set aside).  These are a great side snack, or easy to add to a salad…

Who doesn’t love a smoothie – come on.  1/4 Skim milk, 1/4 cup blueberries (antioxidants) and 1 frozen banana (nutrients). Throw it in the blender, pulse and done.  Sometimes I add honey, yogurt, oats, etc. – but this morning, I just went for the basics.

**Side note: my neighbor gave me a blueberry & pear compote with chia seeds; it was SO YUM.  So a special shout out to her.  It was like a cross between apple sauce and pudding; that’s next on my to-do list, figuring out how she made that so darn good.


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