5-in-1 belly fat fighter

Last week I mentioned was on a mission to provide an all-in-one dish to feature salmon, greek yogurt, broccoli, artichoke and onions! Joy B. on the Today Show some good suggestions to start with http://on.today.com/2l4zLaG, but I wanted to try to make something that hit all 5 that would be both practical, and delicious.  This is a great lunch or dinner option, and would be easy enough to make for a group of friends.  You’d just double up the recipe and go for it!

INGREDIENTS: (feeds 4)

1 lb of salmon (have the butcher cut off the skin, cut in 4 pieces)
1 broccoli head (trimmed & cut down)
1/4 canned artichokes (chopped up small)
1/4 yellow onion (chopped up small)
1 cup greek yogurt
1 shallot (use half for salmon poach, half for yogurt topping)
6 cherry tomatoes (chopped up small)
handful of dill (chop up, or use shears and cut up)
salt & pepper
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup dry white wine

For salmon:

In a deep sauce pan, bring water/wine/minced shallots to a boil; toss in some dill and lay your salmon in filet in, sprinkle with salt, cover, cook for 10 minutes (I only made one serving here).  Set aside and DONE.

For broccoli:

Bring a pot of water to boil; toss in your broccoli for 5-10 minutes and set aside.  I like my broccoli less cooked than most, so I take out as soon as it turns jolly green giant good.  Set aside and DONE.

For artichoke/onion topping:

In a little sauce pan, tab of butter – add in chopped artichokes, tomatoes & onions and cook for 3-5 minutes.  Set aside and DONE.


For yogurt topping:

In a little bowl – – 1 cup greek yogurt, use the remainder of the shallot, add dill, drizzle in some olive oil, salt & pepper and stir (you can use this again & again, veggie dip, etc.).  Set aside and DONE.


When everything is ready – place your salmon down, add your broccoli, top with artichoke/onion, scoop some yogurt topping over top.  The wine was already open, so I poured myself a little taste, and used my #gorhamsilver and #rosenthal china just, because. Uh…yum.  This was the best homemade lunch I have had in weeks!


I saved a little sample for my gal pal (a good judge who can’t fake a good-food-idea-gone-bad-idea-face); let’s hope she loves it as much as I did.  Shameless plug for her online clothing group The Missing Piece Boutique (aka TMPB in Facebook); in case you don’t know it – she finds cute clothes that are just the right piece, color, size for everyone.  As an unofficial intern and huge fan (and since I stole a silver tote last night right out from under her inventory), I figured a sample and shout out were due…