…Eateries & Sip Tips!

I am navigating through figuring out a rhythm on the blog postings; i.e, twice a week, more, less?  Social media can get tedious and hard to keep track of things you want to try, so I got to thinking – why not introduce another layer, especially with the long holiday weekend coming up.  Eateries & Sip tips, ala My Simple Table.  I am all about the experience and if I love it, I’ll post on it.  Everyone must go!

First up, Founding Farmers.  This was the motherlode for me.  I had a lunch meeting in Tyson’s and had wanted to try this place for a while.  I had the Chicken Salad Salad and cornbread and boy, was that a treat.  Attentive waitstaff, great decor, the place was hopping!  Make sure to make a reservation and trust me, use the valet parking.
pgrg8456Next up…Fig & Olive in DC/City Centre.  First of all, great location.  OMG.  We might have overstayed our welcome, but it was worth it, every penny.  They had a most delicious happy hour/cocktail menu, but just so you can drool, the Tuscan Artichoke, Mushroom Croquette & Crostini Trio.  Get in my belly!

If you want to head to the Virginia countryside, get to Stone Tower Winery.  The place is a heavenly retreat. The champagne was my favorite…I need to go back, stat.

Now, I kind of can’t help myself with sharing the following…I have wanted to keep them a secret but, that’s selfish.  If you head up to Maryland…

Petit Louis Bistro
in Roland Park; all I can say is settle in, and just…enjoy.  I tried to break the code on the vinaigrette but it’s best leaving it to them.  The place is lovely.

Zensations; owned by a friend, APOTHECARY OVERLOAD awesomeness.  Ask for Jenny, tell her I sent you.

Woodberry Kitchen; delush, hip, relaxed, Fleetwood Mac playing in the back.  They have everything and anything and you kind of can’t go wrong, and the staff know their stuff.

The Food Market
:  look at the Avocado Toast; need I say more?

I have many more to feature, so stay tuned.  And if you have any hot spots to suggest, send me a tip and I’ll add it to my visit list!


One thought on “…Eateries & Sip Tips!

  1. Fig and Olive was delicious! So fun seeing you. We celebrate at Petit Louis in June! Jenny’s place is AMAZING! Highly recommend to all!


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