My Simple Table Questionnaire

Those that know me (a little, a lot and really well), know that I ask a ton of questions; I’m a true curious Georgia.  I always dreamt of being a talk show host, and part of me still does.  I don’t ask to pry, I ask out of human need.  It’s like a shiny new object that I must have (and get to know).  All people are interesting; no two are the same.  Opinion, perspective, experience and history are all part of a story, and nothing is as exciting to me as learning another persons’ story.  People (and food) are my thang, what can I say.

I have been gently reminded that my slip of twenty questions needs to stay tucked in my back pocket but, sometimes I can’t help it.  If you perk my interest, I’m going for it.  I’ll ask just about anything to get to know you; I gather the background information, get a few tidbits from current life and then I can sit back and enjoy…

Some of my favorite television shows are reality based; from just really good music and getting to know the musicians (and incorporating food) like Live from Daryl’s House, to the every-person cooking challenge Chopped and then one of my all-time favorites, Inside the Actors Studio.  I love the end recap where James Lipton asks his version of Bernard Pivot’s questionnaire; for me, it humanizes the glorified, and let’s the viewers in.

I thought it’d be fun to share some of this and that with my readers, and should I ever make it to the top of the food chain, these are some questions that I would ask my guests:

BREAKFAST:  Poached Eggs & 1 cup of delicious coffee.

APPETIZER: Saint Andre Triple cream & black pepper water crackers

SALAD: butter lettuce and cherry tomatoes with my mom’s salad dressing

SOUP: Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, family style.  Or PHO 98 #19.

ENTREE:  Cheese Pizza.  Pieroges with gravy.  Lobster!  

DESSERT: Key Lime pie or Blackberry Ice Cream.

VEGGIE:  Tomatoes!

COOKING HERB:  Basil or Thyme.


GROW OR PICK-YOUR-OWN?  Try to grow, then pick…

FARM TO TABLE?  Definitely.

LOUD & HOPPING vs. ROMANTIC & QUIET?  Somewhere in between…

LIBATIONS:  San Pellegrino Limonata, Ginger Ale, Evian or a dry Rose.

TIME OF DAY:  Morning; it’s quiet and I am productive.

FLOWER: Tulip.  Peony.  Hydrangea.  Gardenia.  I can’t pick just one…

DAY OF THE WEEK: Sundays, 100%.

CHORE: Gardening; something about trimming things up makes me feel good.

VACATION SPOT:  The beach, anywhere.

SWEET of your day?  That perfect bite of yum.  

SOUR of your day?  When I don’t have that one ingredient.

WHAT MAKES ME SMILE?  A handwritten note.  People Magazine.  A good game of Scrabble.  White kitchens.  A solid dinner party.  Chubby baby cheeks, legs and arms. Music.  When my family wants me to sit and watch a movie with them on friday nights.

WHAT MAKES ME FROWN?  Swimming upstream.  Homework.  The Fire Alarm in my kitchen.  Mean people.  Traffic.  Laundry.  Clutter.  Bills.  When I don’t have the right answer.  When I can’t find my list.

IF YOU COULD INVITE ANYONE TO YOUR TABLE, WHO WOULD IT BE?  I’d have a few rounds of choices.  My family.  My friends, but only the ones’ who like answering my questions.  Carly Simon.  Mary Matalin and James Carville.  Kate Hudson.  Meryl Streep. Barbara Bush.  James Corden.  Jerry O’Connell.  Adele.  Al Pacino.  Leonardo DiCaprio.   Lester Holt.  Ellen DeGeneres.  Howard Stern.  Andy Cohen.  And if they were still living, Erma Bombeck, Julia Child and my GrandParents, all of them.