Treading water, cooking, Italian in NYC & SMOKE in LoCo

One month later, I am 2 houses under contract (sold & bought), working through a mounting list to include scheduling inspections and appraisals, painters, school registrations and wrapping up doctor visits.  And when your movers tells you you have 14,000 lbs of house goods, you purge; counter to closet, bureau to pantry.  In meantime, I am fully immersed in my new full time, day job.  Much to learn, strategy to map and success to be had; connecting people to people, region to region, vertical to vertical, opportunity to opportunity.  And then there are the kids, who have homework and sports and hangouts and need me, as mom.  To say I am treading water is an understatement; the good news is, I know how to swim. In fact, I know how to swim away from a capsized boat if need be.  I can see the beach.  I just need to float on my back for a minute, take a deep breath, take full strides and kick.

So when exactly do I find time to cook these days?  I don’t.  But I drummed up Sunday dinner last week that couldn’t have been easier:  flank steak, shrimp tossed in cilantro & lemon, mashed sweet potatoes and blanched green beans/spinach.  Everyone had veggie option or if you liked all 3 like me, then it was a full plate!

I was also up in NYC last month for a few days and discovered two new spots you must add to your list!  Nizza on 9th Avenue is a hoppin’ vibe on the west side.  For me, it was a romantic little dinner for one.  I sat at the cute little bar, dipped my bread into olive oil & ricotta, sipped a nice rose, savored the homemade pasta with Ramps sauce and then dove in the Tartufo: chocolate coated praline & vanilla ice cream “bomba” stuffed with almond brittle & cherries.  Great spot to catch dinner before the theatre, steps away from Times Square…

Next up, Morandi on Waverly Place; an elevated gathering space place.  Grab a drink and eat curbside, a-la Joe, the tenderist bar keep ever; ask for his suggestions, they won’t disappoint.  My advertising buddies and I enjoyed the panini, burrata and fried artichokes – delizioso!

Back in VA, we stopped by a family friendly BBQ joint out in Ashburn/Loudoun County; Smokehouse Live; you can’t go wrong with the Smoked Turkey or Pulled Pork sandwich, waffle fries, Texas cavier (black eye peas cold salad) or baked beans!  The sauces are scrump-dilly…


Until we eat again…cheers!


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