2017 is almost a wrap!

Wow.  It’s been a long bit of time since I’ve blogged.  2 full work quarters (6 months), Thanksgiving and now Christmas; here we are, wrapping up the year with a sloppy bow.  I had to renew my WordPress membership, so here I am, trying to remember how to write, edit and post a blog.  99 password hints and resets later, here we go.  Let’s catchup.

Successful, yet daunting, move to North Carolina in July.  Getting acclimated is not as easy I thought it would be, in more ways than one.  Kids, house, work-life balance, activities, school, etc.  And worst of all, I can’t find a one-stop shop market.  Or even a shopping center with everything.  I can, however, find many fun places to shop that are spread out all over Mecklenburg and Union Counties.  Home Goods.  Target.  Aloha Nails.  Aveda Salon.  Circa Interiors.  Harris Teeter, Publix, Trader Joes, CLT Flower Market, Italian Market, Dean and Deluca, Whole Foods, Java Bakery, etc. Except they are all in different locations and I get lost, every time.  I still don’t understand why uptown is downtown and why they don’t use license plates on the front of the car, only in the back.  But the people in CLT are so super nice.  Really nice.  Even at the gas station.  And drive up dry cleaners.  The airport is only 30 minutes and so easy to get in/out of.  Fit for a Queen this city is!

With all the work/life travel I have been doing, I’m eating out an incredible amount and not cooking.  From California to Massachusetts to Florida and now my new home, I’m trying to embrace new and old favorites.  Moor in Orlando.  Dover Sole at Bricktop’s in Naples.  Anything BBQ in Waxhaw.  Hobo’s in South Carolina.  Snapper at Nobu in San Diego.  PuckerButt in Ft. Mill.  Captain’s Table in Chatham.  The Mint, Uptown CLT.  Hunter Farm for a Christmas Tree.

My husband handles the grocery shopping for me these days, so I have to be really well thought out about planning meals when I am in town, so this past weekend I did Swedish Meatballs, Pasta Fagioli and Roasted Chicken.  Swedish meatballs are a staple and anyone can do this (see blog for recipe), Pasta Fagioli came from Delish.com (best site ever) and Roasted Chicken is literally, bake 20 minutes per pound and stuff with herbs, lemons and rub with olive oil & butter.  You kinda can’t go wrong.

My 2018 goal is get inspired inspired and cooking again.  And to explore CLT in a more thoughtful way (map out locations, hit a few spots) and get to know my new home.  I have an impending trip to Portugal next month, can’t wait to share the local cuisine with you!  With a few hiccups past us, we look forward to a new, safe, happy, healthy year.

So from My Simple Table to yours – –  Cheers!