Sweet Potatoes are…full of antioxidants, which is good for you in general.  A Latke is basically a pancake, typically made with grated potato, flour, egg, garlic & onion and shallow fried.   The blend of the two are a perfect little side to lots of meals, like meatloaf sliders and a simple citrus salad.


Streit’s Potato Pancake mix
1 sweet potato (peeled & grated)
1/4 red pepper (chopped)
big slice red onion (minced)
salt & pepper

I’m a huge fan of Latke’s and you can make these easily by hand, but midweek I take the easy route and go with Streit’s; the box comes with 2 pouches for 2 separate servings. Genius!  Follow directions for the mix and set aside in a bowl.  Take sweet potato – peel – throw in a Cuisinart/blender to shred, then add pepper & onion in a microwaveable dish with some water and cook until soft; add to the latke mix, add in some paprika, salt & pepper and let set for 5 minutes.  Take out a saucepan, drizzle some olive oil, put a dollop of latke mix into the pan and press down with a spatula, or form a little pancake and drop in.  Let brown on both sides and set aside on a paper towel.

INGREDIENTS: (meatloaf sliders)

Meatloaf mix – 1 lb.
dried onion
Worcestershire sauce
salt & pepper
dried thyme

I figured a small slider is a welcome addition every once in a while.  Make small patties, add in some dried onion, Worcestershire sauce, salt/pepper and thyme; thyme is the key ingredient here.  Pan fry (I love a good cast iron), 5-7 minutes per side; melt some cheese over top & add some ketchup for flavor.  I don’t typically serve this with a bun, there’s no need.  But you could heat up some potato rolls and smoosh these in one and it’s always going to be pretty darn good.

INGREDIENTS: (citrus salad)

Romaine lettuce or arugula (depending on who’s eating)
mandarin orange
pear balsamic vinegar

I like salad pretty basic; when you add citrus to salad it just gives it more depth and is kind of refreshing, something you can eat last on your plate.  I take a sleeve of romaine and slice up, or a bunch of arugula (the kids don’t love arugula so – options).  Add a handful of oranges and raspberries – drizzle with any flavored balsamic you like.

This took me maybe 20 minutes to make…easy.  ENJOY!